I _____________________________________(print name) am signing this contract to pull from the collection available with House of Montalvo designed by Astrid Montalvo. 

I understand that each piece available is very valuable and must be handled with care. 

I am pulling _____________(amount ) items and will be using them for my own production or event appearance. I will be very careful with these pulls and treat them like my own. Each piece available online is one of a kind and there is no other out there like it. When pulling from House of Montalvo, all photos on social media should be tagged to @house_of_montalvo

Liability :

I am responsible for any damages to the garments stated on this contract. 

Damages are not limited to weather disasters. 

  Damages are as small as a missing stud(s), rips, water damage, dirt, makeup, food, drink, paint, powder, and scratches that were not there before. 

Each small damage will be examined before and after pull. We will snap a pic of any marks already on the garment during pick up so we have no confusion during  drop off. Return garment(s) back in the same package that was given out.  All pulls will be tagged in case anyone in your team is interested in buying. You may cut tag off but please hold on to tag when returning pulls. Everything given out should be returned all together. Staying organized and clean will make a faster process and we will be able to have a recurring relationship. 

Refer a friend to pull from us and you will receive 1 free pull on your next rental. 

Late fee: $1 everyday you are behind, unless we come to an agreement mid week. Please text 442 515 9292 if you are going to be late.  If you don’t text us on time, the fees will apply.  You will receive a call/ text as a reminder of the drop off date 2 days before drop off. If we do not hear from you past the drop off date, a $1 will be charged to your card every day  until you come in.  If you take longer than a week after your drop off date, with no notification: a $30 fee per item  will be taken out of your card for tardiness, responsibility  and disrespect.  

Remember: Each pull will have max 2 weeks of rental. If you wish to rent it out again past the 2 weeks because of rescheduling, you will get charged $10 per item ; again. 

Rentals are high in demand and are rented out to all artists so please keep that in mind when considering a pull. Be on time, keep in touch for drop off, care for garments and tag properly. 

# of items



Buying Price

Rental Price



Drip Jacket- S

Minimal scartches on left arm




Jenna Jacket

No marks





( see attachment - Emailed out ) By signing this contract I agree to all the terms stated above and will follow the guidelines in order to have a successful production and working relationship for more pulls.

Date of pull:___________________________________________________

Date of drop off:________________________________________________

Name: _________________________________________________________

Signature: _____________________________________________________________

Email: ________________________________________________________________

Phone #: ______________________________________________________________

NAME ON CARD: ______________________________________________________

EXP DATE:____________________________________________________________

CVV: _________________________________________________________________

ZIP CODE: _____________________________________________________________