Date: Jan 14th 

Location: La Vie Dance Studio 

Time: arrive at 6:45 pm to register

For: Secret Knock   //   With: Electric Sole Runways

Theme: 80’s Rock n Roll Dream

I ____________________________

( full name) give permission to SidexSide, 4c  and the Electric Sole Runways team to use all content taken during model casting. 


I ______________ ( initial) am over 21 years of age


I ______________ ( initial) am aware that this event will be in San Diego and I will be required to attend all mandatory meetings. 

  • February 4th & 5th for fittings 
  • Rehearsal: March 11th 5 pm-9 pm
  • Event Day: Music Box in SD- March 23rd _____________


I _____________ ( initial) am aware this event requires light go go dancing and runway experience. 


I _____________ ( initial) am aware that for this event, I will be on my feet for 3-4 hrs straight. 


I ____________( initial) give Astrid Montalvo; full freedom on wardrobe, makeup and hair for myself. 


I_____________ ( initial) am aware about the 2 brands Electric Sole Runways stand for 

  • Electric Kitty
  • Re-Claim Sole


I  am interested in joining this event and promise to give my full effort to this event. 






Phone Number: 

























Eye color:



Hair color




Shoe size:



Electric Sole Runways



This event is paid and will compensated after the show. An exclusive ESR canvas bag filled with ESR merch for each model. 

model casting will be open to all body heights and body types. We are looking for 10 females and 5 male models. 

The event will be held at Music Box in SD. We will be transforming the venue into a rock n roll cloud and every model will be rocking custom wings. The looks will be all custom designs by Astrid and will be altered to each body. This includes, shoes, wig, head piece and wings. 


You will all be wearing wigs, full editorial makeup, chains and leather and all the best punk rock 80's and your best 15 one of a kind angel wings to complete the ROCK N ROLL DREAM. 


We will be splitting the event in segments. While some models are engaging with the guests, others will be doing a Live photo shoot to show off their outfits on a fun custom backdrop. 

All models will get photographed and will be involved in the runway video segment.

The plan is to recreate George Micheal- Too Funky


We will have a 1 minute walk per model to strut down the runway and have someone videotape the walk as you go all the way down the entire first floor onto the 2nd floor. 


We are very excited to cast 15 models and have an absolute blast creating this vision come to life. 

The Secret Knock 'Soiree is the most  exclusive over the top events and we are so honored to be helping out this year. 


So come ready to rock and do not forget: 

bring comp card: 4 photos, measurements, height, shoe size and email

come dressed in a fitted black outfit- EX: black tank top and jeans

Ladies: bring your right size heel and make sure you are confident in your walk in them. 

Guys: bring a nice pair of dress shoes or Italian boots. Think clean cut and strong. I need confidence and sass. Either be masculine and sexy or playful & flirty.


Arrive at 6:30 and find parking. Street, front or back parking will be available. 

Casting with Lisardo and Astrid for ESR will start at 7 pm

GUESTS: Greg, Tia, William, Tim


If you have any more questions please email us at