Astrid’s Services

Wardrobe Stylist:


▪Personal wardrobe help: $100 per day

(Organize, weave out, create a Shopping List for you to make your outfits fully complete. )

▪Costume styling for event/ play: $100 for every 4th outfit change. 

(Depending on the characters or performer's . )

Fashion Stylist:


$50-3 looks 8local small designers

$120- 10 looks local small designers

$100-3looks high end designers

$280-10 looks  high end designers


$50-3 full looks

$120 -10 full looks

Boutiques ,salons, restaurants , bars, yoga therapist...

▪PERSONAL : $50 -3 outfits  $120- 10 outfits.

+$40 for photographer

+$40 MUA/Hair

Models, business owners, family portrait, holiday portraits. 

Thank you for the support.