House of Montalvo $10 Wardrobe Rental Available


$20 / hr   2 hour minimum


Dexterous Studio / San Marcos, CA

IG @dexphotostudio

Contact: for more info

$20/hr studio session includes: 

- set lights

-paper backdrops- white/ black/ red/ creme

- 4 plants 

- furniture

- shoes

- stools in different sizes

- fabric backdrops ( white, black )10x10

-1  empty clothing rack

- projector

- vanity set with 2 tall chairs

-changing room

-industrial steamer  & handheld steamer

- bathroom outside

- empty rolling cart for photography supplies


*Brochures of custom set ups will be available soon 

General Rules

(1) Return the space to the condition you entered it in
(2) Respect staff and equipment
(3) Renter is solely responsible for all damage(s) done to the property during the duration of their visit
(4) No drugs or outside alcohol
(5) ID required for nudity
(6) Do not move rolling backdrops, furniture  or anything in the studio without our permission
(8) extra cleaning fee will be added on if Renter decides to use any of our  popular Custom 10 x 20 Set Ups: 
- Cloud set up ( $400 with cleaning fee)
- street set up ( $300 with cleaning fee)
- jungle set up($300 with cleaning fee)
-drape set up ($300 with cleaning fee)
or any extra set ups done that require messy materials
(9) Do not roam the space, stay within the space rented
(10) All photo studio rental sessions have access to 1 clothing rack filled with options to use and shoes
(11) Exclusive Showroom Designs are available for rental with an extra free ( $10 per item)
(12) Notify studio in advance if children or animals will be in your session


Please be courteous of other sessions before and after your rental session. Every minute counts. Overtime and overlap sessions will not be allowed unless you ask before your session starts. If we already have the session you want to extend booked, you will need to wrap up 10-15 min before your session is done. 



Cleaning fee is $20 flat rate, although guests are expected to leave the space in the same condition as they found it in. Guests must respect the space and we ask/appreciate that guests tidy up after themselves. Guests must remove any equipment or rentals you bring in, and you should factor this setup and tear down time in your booking hours. We do not require trash taken out or sweeping , the studio manager will take care of that.  If walk thru is o k, no cleaning  fee will be added. 


Please take great care of our space. No nails, screws, staples or penetrating items should be used on our walls. Any tape or gummed backing materials must be properly removed. Damages (walls, floors, furniture, etc) will be billed to the credit card on file. 



Please notify us in advance if you need to move furniture  or bring in props in the space to suit your event needs. 

DEPOSIT: 50% of studio rental fee is required upfront. 

payment options accepted: Zelle, Venmo, Card or Cash

remaining balance will be due after session to add on any extra fees you rack up. 

EX:  You book $20/hr studio for 3 hrs then last minute you use 2 of our custom clothing items in the showroom. 

The deposit upfront is $30

The remaining balance due is $50/ $30 for the studio space and $20 for the custom clothing rental. ( each item in the showroom is $10 to rent) 


All sessions are final sale.  If you cancel, you lose your deposit. If you need to reschedule; please notify us at least 1 week before your session in order not to lose your deposit. 



Please notify us if you are bringing in food, glitter or confetti in the space. Extra cleaning fee will apply. 

-All ages are allowed in space

-Production insurance is not required 

-Smoke machines are allowed

-Nudity is allowed


Affordable photo studio with everything you need




$20 / Hour   2 hour minimum


181 Balboa Street, Unit 102 San Marcos, CA 92078



442 515 9292