Astrid’s Services

Personal Stylist

Location: Carlsbad Village

Dollhouse & Cielo boutique styling included with clothing purchase 

Other- $60 per hour. 

Min. 2 hrs + travel fee 

Closet Revamp

Personal Closet Revamp: $100 per hour.

 I will establish organization in personal wardrobe, recommend removal of outdated pieces, and create 5 uniquely styled interchangeable outfits with current pieces. 

Additional service: Take unwanted clothing to donate.  

Fashion Stylist


$100- every 3 looks 

(Depending on style) + travel fee  

$200- every 3 looks from showrooms

Email for consultation.



$120- per model with 2 looks + travel fee

$20- extra if it rolls over 6 hrs of shooting

Email for consultation.



$300 - Style up to 4 looks. I focus on getting tailored pieces to create one of a kind looks. Making every look custom to their style. 

Email for consultation. 



$100-  1 model- 1 look

extra $20 if we roll over 6 hours.

$250- 1 model- 3 looks or 3 models-1 look each. 

extra $20 per extra looks. 

Email for consultation.



$80-1 look per model. 

This is for personal shoots for companies that need: partner/ CEO portriats, group pictures, etc. 



$100 per hour or $250 for 3 hours. 

I bring props and shoes. Limited looks by the hour + travel fee



( Everything varies depending on your specific request.)