House of Montalvo $10 Wardrobe Rental Available



Here is some stuff you did not know.

Lets sum up the life of Astrid Montalvo and how I got where I am now. 

Started as a tomboy from El Salvador, grew up with a strict religious family and became a well known fashion stylist to  help men and women boost self esteem.  Starting a childhood from a strict conservative background the idea of being sexy was frown upon but growing into this new era with all standards coming from social media, men and woman exude too much sex appeal. Finding the right balance and feeling embraced by it, became my goal in life. Becoming the #1 San Diego Fashion Icon is a growing dream still in the making.

Story line of what you will find in the book.

  1. Ethnicity 
  2. Family tree
  3. Schooling
  4. Social media expert
  5. Marketing executive for brands
  6. Personal shopper
  7. Personal stylist
  8. Styling musicians
  9. Theater / Film wardrobe styling
  10. Boutique runway coordinator / stylist
  11. Closet queen
  12. E-commerce stylist
  13. Re-claim was born
  14. International Published editorial stylist
  15. Stylist coach
  16. Boudoir stylist
  17. Production coordinator
  18. Traveling Runway stylist
  19. Covid- designer in the making
  20. Rock n roll clothing designer for local shows
  21. Electric sole runways was born
  22. Electric kitty stylist

House of Montalvo is everything Astrid. 

Have you ever wanted to pull from my collection but either weren't able to afford me or were hired for last minute shoots that made me unavailable?

Now you can rent everything! The House of Montalvo will carry custom one of a kind pieces created by me and made for high fashion editorial shoots. 

Under the House of Montalvo, you will also see all the custom creations I have done for clients from private guests, big companies, film productions and runway exclusive collections. 

This is a new venture and creating an empire to bring in everyone in the community to help elevate every ones productions. 

I will still be available for styling but my rates will be $150 for full looks. Min. 2 looks to hire ( keeping it a month in advance for custom creations)



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