House of Montalvo $10 Wardrobe Rental Available

Welcome Back

We have a new home !

Thank you so much to everyone for following our journey with Re-Claim Sole, we have decided to link our blog here so it's easier to view and shop our collection . 

Through our blog we hope to bring you not only vintage finds but also fun and unique ways to DIY your own clothing. 


Everything on our collection is hand picked by us and our adventures are also posted up on our Social Media so follow us on IG & FB.


We've stocked up on some awesome cool vintage jackets and clothing from the 70s,80s and 90s. We've done a big production for it and can't wait to show your experiences,tricks, and tips. Shop the posts we do on Instagram & FB and continue with us on our journey to find more unique and funky vintage pieces. 

We've gone though a lot and we appreciate your patience through our journey. Re-claim Sole is all about collaborating and creating art through our clothing while staying environmentally conscious about our mother earth. 

Let's keep on thrifting✌

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