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                     My name is Astrid Montalvo for those of you who do not know me, I am a fashion stylist turned designer.  Cali girl at heart and San Diego babe for life. Growing up with parents with an old school vibe and Rock N Roll attitude I learned to slowly let it embrace me.  I was a fashion stylist for runways, editorials and celebrities but ever since we have been dealing with Covid-19 , it has pushed me to embrace my other passion. Designing has always been a big goal for me, even though I will forever love styling I do want to show off my creative skills on pieces I create. Need my styling services, check my rates.  I love showcasing my work on social media but I think it is time to show the world what else I can do. I grew up with a closed off vision on what fashion really means to me and I learned to push myself no mater what others have to say. That being said, I really hope you guys enjoy my custom pieces and rock them like a true rock star. My goal for Re-Claim Sole is to bring the awareness of recycled fashion as well as recycled materials. I will be partnering with local designers that are on this revolution with me. Join us by spreading the word, collaborating with us and shopping our looks.




I take request in email forms for any specific pieces you are dying to see on my site! 


Stylist Page @styledby_astrid

Wardrobe Page @reclaimsole

Now let us rock!