Re-Claim Sole Shop

Everything you will find in this collection is custom and handmade by Astrid Montalvo. 

Everything from custom jackets, shoes, sweaters, dresses,  and accessories.

Every jacket is a one of a kind vintage piece, carefully curated by Astrid and altered to fit the Re-Claim Sole rock n roll aesthetic. 

All shoes are bought brand new and are altered carefully by Astrid and no one will ever see that pair of shoe ever again. Each pair is made to be one of kind. 

All sweaters are hand sewn by Astrid.

All dresses are hand sewn by Astrid. 

All accessories are hand made by Astrid. 

All jewelry is handmade

all leather sets are handmade

Hats are bought brand new and altered to be made into a one of a kind rock n roll piece. 


Everything is affortable but unique. 

The official Re-Claim Sole shop is coming soon. 

We will be open to the public every Sat 10am-6pm


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